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Brass Class

Brass Class is an initiative supported by St Kilda Brass in order to develop new brass and percussion players in the Otago community. St Kilda Brass provide the expertise and experience necessary to foster excellence in musicianship. Brass Class is currently operating at three Dunedin Schools-George Street Normal, St Clair and Anderson's Bay.

“Playing brass has been so much more than music, it has led to friendship, confidence, and excellence in other school subjects.” - Cath Smith

What we offer

Why Brass?

Playing brass is an exciting and versatile recreation, hobby or profession. There are few musical groups in western countries that don’t welcome brass players. The brass playing community fosters friendships for life.

Playing brass builds personal confidence, discipline, creativity and a wonderful understanding of musical finesse, power and beauty. That combination in music is hard to beat!

Why Percussion

In the percussion programme, students will learn a range of timpani, keyboard percussion and the more familiar drum kit. Different instruments will be introduced as student skills progress. There is no instrumental ensemble that does not have increasingly exciting and demanding roles for percussionists.

How do I join?

Email to find out more information. Places are limited and you will be advised if a place is available for your child